Rebellion - Devil May Cry 5 Fan Art

Freddie sanchez rebellion1
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Freddie sanchez rebellion hp sculpt

High Poly Sculpt

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Rebellion - Devil May Cry 5 Fan Art

Rebellion, Dante's sword from the Devil May Cry series. I was quite excited after seeing the trailer for Devil May Cry 5, I thought it would be nice to create a fan art for the new sword design. I couldn't find reference with different angles for the new Rebellion design, which I had to "free style" during the high poly sculpt in Zbrush.

Feel free to leave feedbacks in the comments. I definitely need them to improve my future work!

Sculpted the high poly model with Zbrush and Retopologized using 3ds Max freeform tools.
Bakde maps and Textured using Substance Painter.
Rendered the textured model with Marmoset Toolbag and added some finishing touches using Photoshop.

Reference used:
Devil May Cry 5 Logo: